About Me


Just before I hit the deck…

Anything but a one stop solution for all your recreational diving needs, this blog hosts my personal thoughts and travails with my diving, my life, Football, and my various passions. After overseeing and supervising numerous military diving operations, I now pursue diving as a hobby. This sport has also helped me to meet new people and travel to new places. I am also a certified soccer coach by the All India Football Federation (AIFF). During my off time, you may find me fixing up cocktails for my dear ones or appreciating the flavour and aroma of wine and pipe tobacco/cigars.

I’m a typical city lad. Born and brought up in Mumbai – but share a special connect with the city of Bhopal. My fascination with aircraft & aviation began at age 8, when my child brain couldn’t comprehend the size difference between a magazine aircraft cutout and a life-size 747 at Mumbai Airport. I thereafter stumbled into the world of soccer during my school days in Mumbai. Somehow, my love for Technology meant that I always intertwined and pursue all my interests virtually and in real life. My passions span across Soccer Coaching and Tactics, X-Country Running, X Country Driving, SCUBA Diving, Reading, Writing, Arsenal FC, Theatre, English Literature, Beer & Brewing, Debating, Whiskey, World History, Geopolitics, Philosophy, and International Diplomacy.

After four years of commissioned service in the Navy, I decided to resign my commission and pursue my passions outside of the services. After one year of working in the private sector, I am now an MBA candidate at the University of British Columbia. In the not so near future, I intend to intertwine all my passions into one single entity and start out on my own venture. Simultaneously, I plan to progress into Technical Diving at some point and time. This would allow me to explore previously unreachable wrecks of warships, and allow me to (again) intertwine my love for history, diving, and my previous military service. Eventually, I would want to pursue advanced education and pivot into teaching at school or universities.

Into the Future!

Considering recent development by SpaceX and Blue Origin, the idea of Humans vs Aliens portrayed by the Hollywood movie Independence Day doesn’t seem far-fetched. In fact, the concept of an intergalactic council a la the Mass Effect series of books and video games is also not hard to fathom (no puns please).

As we all know, humans cherish social belonging and like to identify with unique clans. However, considering the need of the hours to be seen in the distant future, we need to be inclusive of and develop the human race as a single clan.

Towards that end, I would want (just like most people) a fair and competitive world with enough scope for development in all spheres irrespective. The emergence of AI et al also leads me to feel that we must include the same in all our future plans lest they take over and we end up in an Orwellian World.