Single Malt Blues and Diving

I usually exercise great precaution during the day/night prior to my diving. Making sure that i’m well hydrated (with water), and rested usually the agenda. In fact, such caution was not a matter of maturity or of scientific adherence on my part. It was after I suffered a debilitating injury in 2013 that I realised the importance of maintenance and upkeep of the body. The injury had taken away my cloak of invincibility and exposed me to the netherworld of the injury-ridden.

It was since then that I diligently look into even the slightest of transgressions on my body. But there always comes a moment when everybody needs and is delivered a reality check. After a long overdue meeting with my dive buddy in Bangalore, we instinctively sat down for some single malt. This, we duly followed up with a rendezvous with an army aviator friend of mine over some beer and lights.

Single Malt Blues in the Ocean

An eight-hour journey and a quick pre-dive breakfast and briefing later, I was sat in the Batman on the way to our first dive site. The hangover was looming heavily and I tried to hydrate myself with as much as water and citrus fruits as possible. Except for the first dive, where the¬†rescue¬†diver deserted us, the dives were not as eventful or fascinating. We were served with a visibility of 2-3 metres by the ocean gods. This was dialed down to 0-1 metres the next day. Perhaps, the ocean gods punished us for our dive-fringements! However, the nausea and subsequent spray painting of the ocean did not manage to stop me from clocking in 5 dives and overall it was very satisfactory. Unfortunately, owing to the bad conditions I didn’t cover the artificial reef as earlier planned.

Just after paying back to the ocean and before Dive #3

Interesting People, Coincidence and then some

The dive crew for both the days included a German national with Bengali ancestry and an entrepreneur from Bangalore. The on-board chats were a cocktail of topics from current job to European Politics. It was interesting to hear Mary speak about the present situation in Germany and EU. In particular, it helped me to tweak my existing ideologies, previously shaped by interactions with the German Navy.

Eclectic Dive Crew
The Eclectic Crew

The entrepreneur from Bangalore incidentally stayed in the same locality as my dive buddy. She also partook in similar hobbies. The coincidence didn’t end at that. She was hopping onto the same bus as ours on the way back home. The shared experiences and the versatility of my dive buddy ensured that we reached home in Bangalore having sewed fresh bonds of friendship with a stranger. If the future dictates, then hopefully we can convert this into a lifelong dive partnership as well!

Introspection on the cusp of New Year

The throwing up and injury aggravation led to me introspecting throughout. With the silhouette of the New Year looming at large, it was the right time too.

At present, I am on the cusp of making some life changing decisions, which include higher education to what I want to do after it. In the cocktail of life, I have been lucky to have had some fantastic opportunities and I came to certain decisions before I reached home.

I’ve not made any New Year resolutions this time around but made slight tweaks on my lifestyle. The hangover made me realize that I need to take care of my body more. A dispassionate look at the past made me realize that often in life, circumstances don’t reach their logical endOften, the ticketless passengers are rewarded and the high performers and hard workers penalized by the designs of life. Some call it Karma, I prefer Destiny/Fate. So I’ve decided to forget the bitter experiences, because remembering  does more harm than good

Lastly, and most importantly, the meeting of a stranger and forging a fresh friendship made me decide to develop more fluidity and the skill of talking to new people.

All in all, this was a nice short trip which has set the base for the upcoming one shortly. This has been a great year and I’m looking forward to another great one. What with the education, exams, work, linguistics and all, saying that i’m chuffed would be an understatement.


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