Last Dives of 2018 & touching up my UW Photography Skills

Bringing In the New with the Old

A fortnight ago I mentioned about the the plans to dive Pondicherry sometime towards the end of this year. In particular I am interested in the Temple Reef dive site. It’s an artificial reef, created by Temple Adventures themselves, and while I’ve had the privilege to dive it before, I never really dove deeper into it. This time around, i’m actually looking forward to sitting down with the crew over a couple of beers and talk about how they went about constructing the reef and the after effects of the same on Marine Life etc. It would also be interesting to note as to what the local fisher-folk would think about the same. Banter aside, i’m equally looking forward to meeting my favorite grouper who loves a click. I guess i’m going to have to name him soon!

A mélange of activities and some reading

The last couple of days have been rather hectic. Commuting in the Mumbai locals always manages to drain the soul from one’s body, and after adding a 6km walk to my office it often gets a wee bit tiring. However, I must admit that it keeps me from putting on some pounds and that it feels nice to walk and have some me time everyday.

That aside, I finally received my consignment of The Underwater Photographer by Martin Edge and the highly venerated Deco for Divers. I’m keeping aside Deco for Divers for a little later, but have already picked up Martin Edge’s tome on UW Photography.

Last Dives of 2018 & Martin Edge's Photography Tome

I’ve only managed to read the first five chapters or so, but I have found the book to be very lucidly written. The initial fare presented dives (no pun here) into the basics of everyman photography and carefully lays out the various technical terms and their uses.

Five Down but Home and Dry

So to be honest, I actually run my own page on Instagram where I post my Dive photos. Personally, I’ve always felt that other than a few pictures aside, there is something lacking in my pictures. I’m glad that I bought the book. The first few chapters in themselves have opened my eyes to new techniques, and made me realize that my Nikon w300 has far more potential than I previously gave it credit for (RAW still missing though).

In particular, i’m rather excited to try out the Manual White Balance and tinker around with the ISO settings underwater. Martin Edge’s book really sets out a nice workflow process for the novice photographer. More than the workflow, what I enjoy about the book is that it challenges you to think artistically rather than sticking to tried and tested formulas. I’m actually happy that i’m going to be visiting previously dived sites. This will allow me to plan my photo ops prior itself. Hopefully, the sun and sea will oblige as will the weather gods.

That’s the lot for now

Right, so that’s my lot for now. The pseudo editing apart, If I feel all nice and warm, I might just indulge myself in buying a nice mask. Maybe after a couple of beers, I’ll be able to coax the dive crew into showing their altruistic side and bag myself some nice discounts! Jokes apart, Pondicherry is a nice and cool 24°C at present. As per the the forecast, we will enjoy 14Nm visibility and a glassy sea.

Let’s hope that stays unchanged and that a new cyclone doesn’t pop out from somewhere. Until my last dives of 2018, that’s my lot and a Merry Xmas to all of you.


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