The wait for New Year, Divecember and then some

December Blues to Divecember

After a much needed break in Vizag, where I managed to accomplish diving and catching up with old mates in tandem, I hopped on the flight back home and did what all divers do – plan about the next dive (and perhaps a Divecember?)

The month marked a little more than one year of fun diving and my departure from the Navy. It also marked the completion of diving all across mainland India. I’d purposefully avoided the Andaman Islands for a more opportune and longer time period.

The cacophony of incoming emails and pending tasks greeted my arrival in Mumbai. Matching steps and keeping up pace equally were my ‘to-do’ tasks which I’d ceremoniously decided to put on hold! 

Dry Days Galore

Having got back into the thick of things – which includes everything from juggling language classes to MOOCs (to stay abreast and upskill for work) and thinking about my next dive, I almost lost track of time before I’d realized that I was already halfway to December.

With a long trip impending and the wounds of disappointment in Vizag still fresh, my buddy and I chalked out plans for some last minute diving this month. This will hopefully mean that his new Photography dome will find better use than being a mere paperweight and his Dive Knife will face the sterner tests of jute ropes rather than kaanda and batata (Onions and Potatoes).

I’ve also managed to order myself another book on underwater photography. I think it’ll seamlessly integrate with my current book on advanced Photoshop. Hopefully, the books will compliment each other rather than their authors just being each others’ namesake!

 Hard at Work

Now that the tickets have been booked and the itinerary almost decided, I can only pray to the rain (read cyclone) gods to ensure that we have calm seas and fantastic visibility. Not that i’m a sucker for visibility or that the dive sites in Pondicherry are previously unseen by me – but just that it’d allow us to do some Photo Ops and hone my Photoshop skills.

To Mask it all Up…

Considering it to be the end of the old and start of the new, I am heavily considering investing in a new and sturdy mask. If I find a good fit, which feels right and costs right, I guess i’ll take it. Perhaps the scent of familiarity with the dive centre people might allow me to snag a bargain or two. That will complete my personal collection of Dive Gear (well, almost) and keep me in good stead for the upcoming outbound sortie next year.

Hopefully everything will go as per plan, and soon I shall be rattling away on my keyboard about the trip. A specific dive site, which is already famous in Pondicherry, has caught my inner writer’s fancy, and I might just decide to write a nice little piece on it. Let’s see how it all goes down, and I hope I manage to get down and break the water soon, and convert December into Divecember. Until then!!

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