Namaste Divers!

Although I have spent most of my life next to or sailing the oceans, I never ever felt any sort of urge to explore the “seven seas” until recently. In fact, I always had my eyes towards the sky with the hope of racing through the clouds someday. Unfortunate circumstances put paid to my childhood dream but set the wheels in motion for something, which I hope, transcends to something meaningful and worthy, not only to me but also for the community and with luck Mother Earth. I eventually ended up taking SCUBA classes and got my certifications done fairly quickly (more on this soon). This opened up a new world, which I knew existed but never thought would be so majestic, whose beauty immediately enchanted me. The ocean is beautiful and ugly (again…more on this later) in equal measures. I was bitten by the diving bug which led me to seek out more places around the country where I could dive and explore the oceans. This invariably made me travel more than I usually would and helped me to explore my own country, meet new people, make new friends, learn new skills and of course dive.

Fast forward to now; In between diving and travelling I ended up visiting a lot of diving destinations (and non-destinations) across the country (India). I can safely say that as on date I have dived across the length and breadth of mainland India barring the Jammu and Kashmir area. As mentioned earlier, I had a lot of interesting experiences along the way which forced me to consider writing my own blog. For all those who don’t know, diving is not seen as a ‘common man’ activity in India. In fact, outside of the armed forces, few people even know about diving and what it means! However, I have been pleasantly surprised by the minor but thriving diving community (both professional/commercial and recreational) thriving on Indian shores who are keeping the profession/sport going. There is a lot of scope for expanding diving avenues in this country, sadly not much effort is being put in, largely down to the lack of awareness. Considering the country’s history and topography, diving can be harnessed to discover a tranche of locations of historical significance – arguably the gold standard of rec/tec diving. I also feel that I can contribute to putting India on the diving map in my own small way. This will also allow me to start polishing my rusty writing; Writing is also a process which I thoroughly enjoy.

My primary focus on the blog will be towards various fields in the art & science of diving: Safety, New Technologies and; dive experiences and upcoming dive locations worth exploring (across the globe), to name a few. I will also blog about anything else which catches my imagination. Critics are welcome (both harsh and pleasant) to help me upgrade my content as also suggest new topics of focus. I am hopeful that this grows into something large and I intend on putting my energy behind achieving the same.

Now that I have put pen to paper fingers to keyboard and completed the BWRAF checks, it’s time to dive!

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