About Me


Just before I hit the deck…

Anything but a one stop solution for all your recreational diving needs, this blog will host my personal thoughts and travails with diving. If it needs to be criticized, it will be. If it needs to be praised, it will be. I will cover  eclectic topics within diving. You could occasionally chance upon an article unrelated to diving but close to my heart.  Presently a PADI AOW;I have also supervised and overseen numerous military diving operations.

I was born in Bombay but brought up in Mumbai. Average height with black hair and brown eyes. An excellent set of family pack abs (read fat) only adds to my charm. Big fan of everything Arsenal FC, Driving, (real)Football, Diving, Aircraft, Reading and Writing. Previously undertook cross country running to de-stress but having reached the ‘post 25’ age bracket means lots of creaking bones and aches – which means I now swim or cycle for my dose of endorphins.

A pint of any well brewed lager certainly deserves mention. Also lucky to have served in the Armed Forces and do cool things for a living. To sum up – Truly blessed and Grateful for every second.

My Vision

However, I am not immune to the fact that life IS unfair, in that for many, a roof overhead, food on the table, a loving family, a tightly knit circle of friends and a little money in the bank are luxuries which they can only dream about – something we take for granted. I am also aware that owing to a lack of equal opportunity, many can not fulfill their potential. But the irony of the ‘unfairness’ of life is not lost on me considering it has allowed us mere mortals, to dream of and conquer gravity and touch the moon and back!

Everybody is talented, in their own way. Some people have it easy, and some are blessed to have it hard. Blessed because it gives them the opportunity to inspire and defy the odds. So….keep inspiring and keep doing!